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The Orgran range is one of the most complete gluten free product ranges in the world, with over 80 products* and catering for every meal of the day. The range includes many family favourites such as pastas, breakfast cereals, snacks, crispbreads, biscuits, baking mixes and cooking products to enhance your favourite dishes.

Each product in the Orgran range boasts natural goodness, nutrition and flavour so you can enjoy nutritious, pure foods that are also free from allergens without the need to decipher product labels. All over the world, people depend on Orgran for products that assist with great inner health. Our comprehensive range of alternative grain foods means you can actually increase the nutritional variety in your diet by eating gluten free.

You can have your cake and eat it too!

(*Products available in each country will vary and depend on need of each country. Below products are available in South Africa.)