About Orgran

The pioneer producer & trusted name in gluten free foods

In 1984, two brothers recognised a need in the market place to cater for those with food allergies, and so the Orgran brand was established. Orgran has been the authority on gluten and allergen free foods for more than 30 years and is a trusted name in more than 55 countries. SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd is one of the importers and distributors of the Orgran range in South Africa. We import and distribute a variety of top-class health products – and promote the Living Naturally lifestyle.

Orgran manufactures gluten free food products, with its primary focus on health and nutrition. Specialising in natural, gluten and allergy free foods, ORGRAN is now the trusted brand for Coeliacs and other allergy sufferers around the world, for better health and nutrition. Orgran offers a wide range of gluten free pasta, bread mixes, cake mixes, snacks and baking products, all gluten and allergen free, minimising the need to decipher complex ingredient listings.

Why Orgran?

Utilising blends of alternative grains, Orgran products provide a simple, holistic approach to better health and wellbeing. Orgran has been making it easy to enjoy great inner health for more than 30 years and is endorsed by many health officials, nutritionists and dietitians.

Orgran worldwide
With a comprehensive range of over 80 natural gluten free foods* and a trusted name in over 55 countries worldwide, the Orgran brand has become recognised around the world as a leader in foods for better health and nutrition. The extensive range makes it easy to enjoy a balanced diet with foods that are recognised for their purity, dietary variation and great taste. (*Products available in each country will vary and depend on need of each country.)
The Pioneer producer and trusted name
Food or Filler?

Based on the economics of cultivation, the use of wheat is very widespread and it can be said that the western society consumes wheat in one form or another in every meal of the day 365 days a year. Wheat and its compounds are often used as fillers in many products ranging from vitamin tablets, beverages, powdered foods, ice creams, pastes, spreads, seasonings and much more. Whereas ancient societies relied on the nutrition of many other grains and legumes which provided dietary balance, today we overindulge in the single nutrient source of wheat.

Wheat is usually in a highly processed form and often accompanied by animal derived fats and the addition of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. As with the effect of overdose of any single food ingredient or single vitamin, would it not be logical that the overdose of wheat could be causing damage or is responsible for the many health problems associated with today’s society?

We only need to look at the increasing incidence of wheat allergies, coeliac disease, diabetes and sensitivities in our society to realise that our dietary intake may be inadequate, nutritionally inadequate and more importantly, contrary to our biological requirements. Unknown to many, wheat is more difficult to digest than gluten free grains such as maize or rice and the effect of this digestion difficulty is not necessarily restricted to coeliacs alone.

Digestive effects can often translate to a feeling of fullness, wind, nausea, heartburn, constipation, head ache, indigestion, etc…

Many people experience these symptoms in minor or severe form but very few are aware that the cause may be food related.

Alternative Grain Foods For Better Health & Wellbeing
Nutrition for a healthier you

In today’s society, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of consuming a diet that is healthy, nutritious and individual to their needs. Orgran products have been developed with your wellbeing in mind and are based on only natural ingredients for people who demand a healthier lifestyle. Elite athletes, coeliacs, diabetics, people with food allergies and sensitivities all over the world have one thing in common; they are all demanding better choices when it comes to health and nutrition.

Alternative grain nutrition is a simple way to get a far greater variety of grains into your diet. Supergrains such as Quinoa, Amaranth, Chia, Buckwheat and Millet, known for their superior nutritional qualities, are incorporated within products in the range. These grains offer superior nutrition compared to modern mainstream grains.

How Can Orgran products assist?

The Orgran concept offers an enormous range of foods that are diverse, nutritious, delicious and practical. They provide a ‘closer to nature’ beneficial difference that sets them apart from commercial foods that are sold by inflated marketing activity and artificial flavour profiles rather than true nutritional merit. With the greater demand for natural health foods, Orgran products aim to assist people in correcting their daily food intake.

The products have been developed for both the benefit of the general consumer as well as providing a nutritionally sound alternative for coeliacs and those with special dietary requirements. Many food products available to coeliacs, such as mixes and formulations, are cereal fractions (starch based) creating a decreased nutrition profile and less dietary fibre. They usually require the addition of eggs, sugar or fat in their preparation. This is perhaps acceptable if one was to utilise these foods infrequently, however many need to rely on these substitutes as a staple.

Whilst catering for one dietary problem, high use of these products may actually create other problems, such as increased fat and / or cholesterol intake, constipation and decreased nutrient intake. Different food groups such as cereals, vegetables and legumes all provide their own nutritional qualities that only nature can provide in proper balance. Most often a combination of the groups provides an enhanced nutritional source such as Orgran Vegetable Rice Pasta (natural energy source) and Orgran Buckwheat Pasta (part of the rhubarb plant group and is one of the highest biological proteins in the plant kingdom).

The comprehensive Orgran range allows for excellent rotational diet and variation of nutrition. Orgran gluten free foods are natural, delicious and versatile!